Building Better Social Media

Better Social Media is designing and building a microblogging platform that will significantly reduce the amount of cyberbullying, trolling, fake news and abuse that is rife across other social platforms by requiring all users to verify their identity before being allowed to interact with other users or post content.

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"Based on survey data...we find that between 30-40% of people in the UK have seen online abuse. We also find that 10-20% of people in the UK have personally been targeted by abusive content online.“  — The Alan Turing Institute

Why are we Better?

While other social media platforms offer verification to some users, it’s usually only provided to users who command a large number of followers or are deemed ‘important’ in some way by the social media company itself. This, combined with the ability to programmatically post content via APIs, has led to the mass creation of inauthentic accounts and the abuses we currently see across other platforms.

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  • Confidence - our users can be confident that everyone they deal with is a real person and not an inauthentic account.

  • Safety - users can feel safe knowing if another user acts illegally, swift action can be taken.

  • Privacy - Verification data is encrypted before it reaches Better so the chance of an identity data leak is greatly reduced and users can easily avoid all third-party advertising - if that’s important to them.